Arena 3 - we are on our way!

Posted by Jonathon White on Dec 08 2018 at 09:30AM PST

See the video of the trip on the way to Southampton. Maybe we should stick to swimming!

A fantastic gala, some great individual swims – but what was most impressive was the team spirit and points gathered throughout with no DQs

Well done everyone I am very proud of you all to finish 3rd tonight is more than I dared to dream of.

Because my voice had pretty much gone last night(too much shouting and cheering!) and is still recovering, I couldn’t say as much as I wanted to. Having had a good nights sleep I wanted to add a few words to my initial thoughts from last night:

Thank you to everyone: swimmers, our officials, the poolside team alongside me and very supportive parents cheering on from the spectators gallery. I was very proud of how the club conducted itself last night, everyone swam extremely well producing some performances which went well beyond my expectations. Yes I knew that some swimmers would produce big wins, but it was the team performance to which everyone contributed that made a big impact towards the third place we achieved. There were NO DQs which kept the points rolling all night – well done to everyone.

I know that some of you may have thought you could have swum better and its great to set yourself targets and goals – work with your coaches in training and it is in training that PB’s and fantastic gala results are achieved – lets take this great performance and use it to reach our full potential.

I personally am still buzzing from last night, and to want drive the club forward from this result. As a partnership of swimmers, coaches and parents we can and will meet our goals.

Thank you everyone.


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