How to cope with performing under pressure

4 point strategy

Xmas funslash 2018

Christmas Funslash 2018

How to pull underwater

Use a high elbow

Freestyle - Head Posistion

Use your Head!

Butterfly Skate drill

Keep low and skate over the water!

Butterfly - its all in the rythm !

After mastering this 200 Butterfly will be a piece of cake! Observe and put into practice.

Backstroke - made easy!

Watch and observe Ryan Lochte - copy and put into practice in training!

Backstroke Starts

For a world class backstroke start - take a look at this!

Arena round 3

GASC swimmers in good voice on the coach on our way to Southampton for Arena Round 3

Breaststroke - Overview

Breaststroke - Overview

Breaststroke - Technique explained

In-depth description of Breaststroke.